Hold You Closer.

And tonight I will dry my tears and be a mom. Because we have all ended the night with tears streaming down our face, praying for a break.

We’ve all prayed for a hot meal and a fifteen-minute shower. We’ve all cried out to have a nights sleep as good as Dads. We have all asked for our little ones forgiveness when you snap after hours of them fighting sleep. When the teething cries become so much. You can’t let them down, they need you… And truly, we need them more. Being, they make all things worth it.

Tonight, I will cry out asking for guidance. I will ask how to guide my family. I will seek knowledge on how to manage this household… To keep love and happiness running through these old walls.

Tonight, I will go through this box of tissues. Tonight, I will let it all out. Tonight, I will find my strength, go back to you and hold you a little closer.


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