Don’t Kiss The Babies.

Motherhood is a balance of being selfless & selfish.

I spent 8 months making this one. Tears were shed. Morning sickness happened. Stretch marks showed up. Labored for hours. And this cutie pie popped out.


We all know it. We all dread it. We all do everything we can to prevent it.


It’s THAT time of year.

If you have been sick. Don’t come around my child.

If you have been around someone who has been sick. Don’t come around my child.

You will not kiss my child even if you are the grandparent. Sorry, mom!

Because god forbid I hardly kiss MY baby because of GERMS.

We all have them! I don’t know what makes you think you don’t, Karen.

“One kiss won’t get him sick”

“I haven’t touched anything besides the car door, door handles, shopping carts, and some cash, I don’t need to wash my hands”

“My nose is running, I have a cough & a low fever BUT it’s just allergies”

“He’s just so kissable. I can’t just NOT kiss him”

Actually, you can and you won’t.

You will go on about your day. You will live. You will thrive. You will not fall over into a coma and later be put 6 feet under if you don’t kiss my baby.

You are the voice for your little. You are the advocate.

Speak for them.

Because getting someone butt hurt or even slightly offended is and will forever be 10x better in comparison to seeing your baby struggle.

Here’s a reminder just in case you didn’t catch on by now.

Don’t kiss the babies.

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